We provide world leader in roaming and SMS signalling services. Mobile operators and carriers come to us when they need reliable, robust and high quality roaming.


- More than 880 Mobile Networks in 220 countries and territories

- guaranteed network security: 99.99% service availability, fully redundant architectures both for transmission facilities and equipment, round-the-clock monitoring and proactive intervention

North American signaling gateway for global roaming: ITU/ANSI conversion

- volume-based itemized billing and discounts

- monthly traffic information

- migration service: dedicated and closely supervised support for mobile operators wishing to switch

- provider for Orange's SS7 service

Customers can subscribe to the following options according to their needs:

• SMS Control (a unique and proven anti-fraud and anti spam tool)

• Anti Spoofing Solution

• Optimum Roaming-OTA (steering of roaming)

• Prepaid SMS Roaming (a revenue insurance from prepaid roaming customers)

• SS7 More (monitoring and reporting in real time)

• Alliage Short Code (the "at home" concept)

• Secularization

• Migration

• Detailed Traffic Reporting











IPX Transport
SS7 Optimum Roaming
SS7 UNI option
SS7 SMS Control option
SS7 Prepaid SMS Roaming option
SS7 Anti-spoofing Solution option
SS7 Alliage Short Code option
SMS Roaming Info
LTE Signaling