Smart Grid Solutions for Enterprises


Today, by leveraging UNIFI extensive telecommunications technologies expertise, enterprise customers may now gain tremendous advantages as demand for energy accelerates, requiring governments, power producers, distributors, equipment providers and other stakeholders to work together

toward the modernization of outdated and taxed infrastructure in order to add intelligence, communications, and decentralized control for maximum operational efficiency.

Internal Use

Voltage Detection Load Monitoring Isalation Switching Fault Detection Trouble Alerts Power Control Data Capture Demand Analysis Historical Reports


Energy Monitoring Energy Forecast Energy Control Office Automation Fault Reporting Distribution Control Disaster Recovery

What a Smart Grid Solution can do for your organization

Telecommunications Network

Worldwide electric-power infrastructure is a set of interconnected assets for power generation, transmission, conversion, and distribution that is commonly referred to as the Grid. As energy demand accelerates, intelligent automation, such as automated metering infrastructure (AMI), automated meter reading

(AMR), and other advanced solutions are becoming essential to more efficiently measure, analyze, and communicate consumption levels to a central location for monitoring, analysis, and management. With a Smart Grid Solution (SGS) provided by UNIFI, it suddenly becomes possible to efficiently and effectively monitor, control, and optimize the movement of power across the grid. Our enterprise communications

and network management systems can help you effectively manage your enterprise energy consumption. Ready to learn how a Smart Grid Solution from UNIFI can help to monitor and forecast energy consumption, or how it can improve asset monitoring, diagnostics, and energy management while helping to reduce energy costs across the organization If yes, then please contact us for more information.



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