An Unmatched Footprint for Accessing Emerging Markets


The UNIFI Global Network has been developed over more than a decade to serve the needs of global service providers accessing challenging local markets as well as local providers needing global communications services.


We have developed our global infrastructure to connect underserved markets where other providers have not had the resource or expertise to enter. It spans over 100 countries and connects our customers in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.


The UNIFI Global Network:


• Delivers essential network services in hard-to-reach markets

• Extends customer reach with reliable connectivity

• Seamlessly scalable with local and global presence

• IP-centric with low latency and high uptimes





• 100% wholly owned

• Robust SLAs and 99.999% availability

• 24/7 support

• NOCs on four continents



We have dedicated presence in:


• Albania

• Benin

• Cameroon

• Canada

• France

• Germany

• Ghana

• Hungary

• Italy

• Kazakhstan

• Madagascar

• Mali

• Mauritania

• Moldova

• Morocco

• Nigeria

• Poland

• Senegal

• Sierra Leone

• Togo

• US