Open Transit Internet


Open Transit Internet is our International Internet Connectivity offer; specially designed for ISPs, Content providers, Carriers & Research Networks around the World.

Our IP network integrates terrestrial, submarine and satellite systems to create a global mesh of connectivity.

Renowned for its superior reliability, it is designed to adapt each IP player's needs, providing:


- worldwide connectivity

- direct connection to both content and end-users in more than 100 countries

- peering agreements with major Tier 1 networks

- one AS worldwide

- multiple connection options

-connections in Europe, America and Asia


Worldwide access to backbone through main carrier hotels and IX , IP MANs, local loop, satellite and submarine transmission facilities spanning Africa, the Middle East and Asia a complete range of interface links, with all technologies:


- Ethernet, SDH and Sonet

- guaranteed Quality of Service

- top level SLAs

- online QoS reporting

- 24/7 Customer Support Center



- bundle with VoIP, Housing

- looking glass public OTIP options

- IPv6 connectivity

- black-holing (security service activated upon customer request in case of DDos attack)























Open Transit Internet
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