Multiservice IP Exchange


Discover Multiservice IP exchange. The single plug for wholesale services, your gateway to UNIFI innovation

Multiservice IP eXchange: the solution you need to grow your revenues whilst firmly controlling your costs.


Offer your customers the highest quality of service levels: this solution provides you with a single connection to all UNIFI wholesale solutions voice and mobile data services with QoS commitments and proven reliability.

Multiservice IP e Xchange allows smooth implementation of UNIFI services through a fast, secure and reliable private IP network:

     - “à la carte” selection of voice, messaging, roaming, connectivity and innovative services AGILE time to market thanks to best in class technical and legal frameworks


Enjoy the Next Generation of services that is coming along with 4G developments including Roaming LTE, HD voice, RCS and UNIFI Labs innovations.








Multiservice IP Exchange
Hubbing Premium
Hubbing Premium Full IP
International Direct Dialing
Video Telephony
Hubbing Optimum
International Toll Free
Antifraud suite