LTE Signaling


Discover LTE Signaling, a new service that will allow mobile operators to provide their customers with a 4G roaming service.


UNIFI’s “LTE Signaling” offer enables operators to provide end-users with the significantly improved service of 4G networks while roaming outside their home country. Promoting the GSMA standards and a supporter of Open Connectivity principles, UNIFI has an ambitious program to extend LTE Signaling connectivity through direct connectivity and peering agreements.


Get connected to UNIFI dedicated platforms


    Simplify the reach of all your roaming partners

    Avoid interoperability management

    Protect your network from congestion

    Benefit from best-in-class quality of service

    Enlarge your reach thanks to our open connectivity policy


LTE Signaling is available over Multiservice IP exchange, which guarantees a high level of security and quality of service.


LTE Signaling is built on dedicated platforms integrated in UNIFI’s leading edge IPX Network and provides additional security, interoperability and enhanced routing functions.





















IPX Transport
SS7 Optimum Roaming
SS7 UNI option
SS7 SMS Control option
SS7 Prepaid SMS Roaming option
SS7 Anti-spoofing Solution option
SS7 Alliage Short Code option
SMS Roaming Info
LTE Signaling