IPX Transport


UNIFI‚Äôs IPX Transport solution gives our customers  guaranteed quality of service with the flexibility and scalability to grow.

With our premium IP connectivity solution, you will get the most from your international capacity with less time spent on management.  One service covers all your bandwidth needs and you gain the advantages of a bundled commercial offer, including a softer traffic pattern and more capacity available to you for sensitive traffic.


IPX Transport offers worldwide coverage for your interworking & roaming wholesale exchanges. It brings live connectivity for all your projects, facilitating both new service rollout and the migration of existing connections. Orange IPX Transport also gives you the chance to develop your strategies and partnerships, as you want.


IPX Transport includes GRX backward for 2G and 3G data roaming and supports the access to RIM platform for Blackberry traffic


We combined flexibility, capacity and coverage to enable the deliver of IP services and applications,









IPX Transport
SS7 Optimum Roaming
SS7 UNI option
SS7 SMS Control option
SS7 Prepaid SMS Roaming option
SS7 Anti-spoofing Solution option
SS7 Alliage Short Code option
SMS Roaming Info
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