A Unified Approach


For over a decade, UNIFI has been pursuing opportunities for customers to connect and grow their businesses with new services in new places.


From Africa to Eastern Europe and beyond, we have focused on making our customers successful in the most challenging markets in the world. If they need connectivity or communications services in markets as diverse as Mali and Madagascar or Italy and Albania, we have committed to having the infrastructure and expertise to make it happen.


Our combination of local expertise and global infrastructure specifically addresses the need for robust connectivity and communications services in markets that other providers have either

overlooked or are not equipped to do business in. We aren't afraid to go where our customers need us and we have a track record of delivering reliable communications that changes the scope of their businesses.


UNIFI has been purpose-built to be agile, adaptable and flexible in our technology, our reach and our people because we know that is the key to success in emerging markets.


The most challenging markets require a strong partner that can flex to the needs of local conditions and deliver services that remove barriers to success. We offer carriers, service providers and enterprises the experience, expertise and reach to grow their businesses in new markets and without limits.


We believe that no matter where our customers need to connect, we have the expertise, people and passion to deliver.





Adrian Shatku