The Balkans Italy Network (BIN) was developed by UNIFI to specifically address the need for affordable, high-quality connectivity between the Balkan region and the rest of the world.


After assessing different routes and options for serving the region, we found that the fastest and most efficient way we could have an impact on the market was by investing in terrestrial and undersea infrastructure.


BIN is a 276 km high-speed undersea and terrestrial fiber-optic cable network between Tirana (Albania) and Bari (Italy), which connects data centers in Italy with the Balkans Internet eXchange (BIX) located in Tirana (Albania).


The segment between Bari and Tirana is the first phase of a multiple phase regional fiber-optic network project designed to connect the Balkans to rest of the world and accelerate growth in communications services in the region.


BIN Bandwidth Services:


•Clear Channel IRU Bandwidth Services

•Clear Channel Leased Bandwidth Services

•IP Transit



BIX Data Center Services:


•Co-location Space

•Incremental Power Services

•Cross-Connection Services



Investing in Undersea Cable Infrastructure to Support Telecoms Growth in the Balkans

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